Friday, October 1, 2010

Ribbed Pumpkin Hat

Please read this before continuing or starting a new project.  Thanks.

Halloween is my favorite holiday, and October is my favorite month. I've already made both of my sons' Halloween costumes (in fact, I finished them about 2 weeks ago) and as I posted before, I made them each a spiderweb hat that I got out of Crochet Today. We are going to go to a local farm this weekend and take some pictures in their pumpkin patch, so I wanted to make something for myself. I've seen some baby pumpkin hats, so I decided to crochet one of my own :) I just used a basic side-to-side hat pattern and made it in orange, basically.

Me and my husband

Here's the pattern for free. If you use it, please don't distribute it or sell products made from it. Thanks!

This hat will fit an average size woman's head. It can easily be adjusted to fit a younger person (teen or child) or man (or I guess someone with a bigger head) - just add more rows!

※ About 4 oz. of worsted weight orange yarn (I just used Red Heart Super Saver)
※ A small amount of green yarn
※ Size H hook
※ Yarn needle

ch = chain
hdc = half double crochet
BL = back loop
st = stitch
sl st = slip stitch
rnd = round
dec = decrease
dc = double crochet
RS/WS: right side/wrong side
F/O: fasten off

Gauge:4 st hdc and 2 rows hdc = approx. 1" x 1"

For the stem of the hat, I completed the rounds using continuous rounds. However, if you prefer to join rounds, that's fine too. Also, the hat WILL be very long; this is so you can fold up the bottom half as seen in the picture. If you would rather have a "beanie" look to the hat (without the folded part), just omit some chs from the foundation row so it won't be so tall.

• With orange, ch 40
• Row 1: In the 3rd ch from hook, hdc in each ch (38 st). Ch 2, turn
• Rows 2-41: hdc in BL in 3rd ch from hook, hdc in BL of each st, ch 2, turn (38 st)
• Row 42: hdc in BL in 3rd ch from hook, hdc in BL of each st, ch 1 (38 st)
Finishing: Fold the piece in half, matching up row 42 with row 1. Sl st in each st down the row through both sides to join them together. F/O and weave in ends. Turn inside out (this will be the RS of the hat).

Stem of hat
Insert your hook near the top of the hat near the seam (whichever end you want the "top" of the hat to be, it doesn't matter). With the green yarn, pull up a loop and sl st to attach. Sc in this same st.
Rnd 1: Sc in each st around (about 38-40 st)
Next few rnds: Dec in each rnd around until you have 6 st left.
Next rnd: Sc in each st around (6 st)
Next rnd: Sc in each st around until you have a "stem" to your desired height.
Finishing: F/O. Weave in tail and pull tightly to gather. Tuck in tail and weave in ends.

Ch 25. In 3rd ch from hook, 2 dc in each st (46). F/O. Sew to bottom of stem.

Fold up the bottom of the hat to the desired height, or to wherever you can see :) Take a picture of yourself in your hat, post it on Facebook, and let everyone be envious of your awesome hat that they don't have. Happy October! :)

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  2. GREAT chemo cap pattern. I'll be donating the ones I make. The soft, stretchy feel is perfect. These will put smiles on alot of people's faces. Thank you for sharing.